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Which Is The Best Hosting For Your Blog?


Some people start blogging for personal reasons, some do as a business online. When blogging evolved into a huge online business, that’s when people started paying attention to paid hosting.

Nowadays when you start a blog, you start a business online. And, business has to be taken seriously.

best server hosting for wordpressLet’s read further on choosing the best hosting for your blog.

Choosing a reliable hosting provider for a blog is, in fact, the most important as well as confusing task.

If you are serious about your own blog and want to make most out of it, then you need to step it up and take it to the next level using professional hosting services.

A reliable web hosting service for your blog can give a lot of benefits, like SEO benefits, full control on layout and file structure, advertisement system, affiliate links, which will earn you money in the long run.

You can host your blog on a free or paid host, which will be decided on the factors of considering cost, ownership, security, branding, and complexity.

Two Types

Two types of hostingAll of us start online by using free resources. This is the first type.

Although there is no harm in using free web hosting initially, which saves you money. It gives you ‘no stress’ about hosting downtime, data backup, free templates to choose from.

Limitations are always there in free web hosting, that is why we have the other type.


When we grow up, with more blog posts, growing email lists, and readership, we have to consider the second type.

And now, you become more serious about it.

If you are serious about blogging, then I will recommend you to get yourself a web hosting rather than choosing free platforms. This will give your better branding among the bloggers, with your own domain email, giving a better impression to the readers.

Never go with free platforms, everybody advises.

This looks professional. Because you will be paying for this.


You need to research first. Research about your requirements.

Why did you start blogging in the first place?

  • Did you start blogging just to write about something that you are passionate about?
  • Did you start blogging to earn money by writing anything?
  • Did you start blogging just to tell people that you are also a blogger?
  • Did you start blogging thinking that it will make you rich overnight?
  • Did you start blogging to help other people?
  • Did you start blogging to promote your art and hobby?

best wordpress hosting server

There could be multiple factors, multiple reasons you have on which you have to decide your blog hosting options.

For some bloggers, free hosting would be more than enough. Look at the tools and utilities your hosting service provider gives you.

Are they sufficient for your requirement?

Probably not.

If you are looking at it as a business, let’s cover up further on the best hosting for your blog.

So Let’s Cover Up That


That attracts us all. 

We go for lower prices, and that is where the cheapest word comes in. However, cheaper may not be always the best option. You might see low price offer on a reputable hosting company page, which can be good, initially, but can be higher price later on.

This should be studied carefully.

And thoroughly.

Just by getting good low price offer, do not sign up straight away.

Good reliable hosting is not that expensive. You will get what you will pay for. You want to get hosting service that will not overcharge you later.

A lot of hosting providers are there which will charge you for every little thing. While others charge only a flat fee per month, such as HostGator and Bluehost.

So, always check your budget first with which you are comfortable every month. If it burns your pocket then it will not make you happy.

Once your blog starts growing then you can spend more on hosting.

And do spend on your blog.

Deals? And What About Reviews?

The internet is already full of deals.

Deals on domains, hosting, and email solutions.

You might get attention to one of the deal you have been looking around. You might get a deal on my blog too.

But, have you done your research on the web hosting service provider?

You can find a lot of reviews online fueled by bloggers, with positive and negative feedbacks.

Read a lot.

freehosting negative reviews and complaints
Bad reviews of Freehosting.com

Go through them. Search Google for bad and good reviews to check credibility if you still are not sure about anything. Your web hosting service provider has to be reliable and reputable.

See, we know that there is not a single hosting company in the world that does not have any negative feedback. It happens with other companies in other verticals too. Therefore, we have to use our common sense when reading those reviews about a particular hosting service.

If you read many bad reviews about a hosting provider, stay away.

Do not believe everything you read online.

To come up with the right decision, you can read the online reviews of experienced bloggers who are actually using hosting companies for their blogs.

OK, Now What?

Read their terms and service before you sign up. If you have any questions, you can ask the company. Moreover, this is a very good way to find out how prompt they are. Good hosting service providers will offer various communication channels, like toll-free support, chat support and email support for 24/7 and 365 days.

hostgator support page
A good example of support by HostGator

Hosting support must be there for you to help in case anything goes wrong. A good reliable hosting service provider will always respond immediately.

Check their platform compatibility and scripting environment to host your blog. Nowadays all the hosting service providers have built-in applications to run your blog.

Cpanel hosting is the most preferred one.

Cpanel hosting is the most popular and preferred control panel in the hosting world. It is very easy to use, with nice features and layout. If you are stuck somewhere using it, you can find a lot of tutorials on cPanel.

Space On Hosting

best hosting for websitesThis depends on how big is your blog. Even 500 MB space is more than enough for blogs if you have daily 1000 visitors.

I am not talking about traffic here. OK?

Nowadays, we get spaces in gigabytes, offered in packages by hosting companies. Looking at the competition hosting companies have, they are luring customers by providing huge space for storage and bandwidth. And you want to check your requirement here.

Of course, your blog would grow up eventually, but what is required now is important. Hosting comes with multiple options now.

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

I recommend Shared hosting for any new blogger to start. This type of hosting is a perfect deal, which can meet all your basic requirements.

VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting will be costly which can burn your pocket. You can later upgrade to VPS or Dedicated hosting once you start making money off your blog.

So in the end, I would say just be careful when choosing any hosting service provider for your blog. You could check HostGator, Dreamhost, BlueHost, DigitalOcean, as they are considered as great blog hosting service providers.

At this time, I am using HostGator to host my blog, which I moved from Dreamhost 1 year ago.

I would love to hear what you are recommending and using at this time.

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