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Grammarly – The Best Spell Check Tool Ever For 2018


Who is your audience? When you write, do you think of your audience?

If you write carelessly, nobody would pay attention to what you write. My audience reads English, and that is why you are here too. I write for people who understand English.

grammarly review

Not being from a native English speaking country, I find it hard sometimes putting up my words on my blog. For me, it becomes hectic sometimes.

We all bloggers can relate to that.

One of my friend who blogs about meditation tips, when I read few of his blog posts, I found grammatical writing errors here and there. The blog has thousands of followings on social media. And believe me there were few of the comments pointing out to those mistakes, but the blogger never cared about it rectifying.

I guess he was still making money off his blog.

I know it will not be the end of the world for him, or end of his blogging career if he chose not to rectify those.

But it can be a major turn back in the long run.

My point here is to show up yourself so professional just like a ProBlogger if you have started recently.

When you start a blog, always remember to start with a compassion, which will bring out the quality on the blog. And the quality of the blog comes out from the content research and how you have put it up on the blog aesthetically.

Now, if you want your blog readers to read and understand your blog posts properly as if they are reading a blogger who is from their native country, you would need to emphasize more on the grammar part.

According to Wikipedia, Grammar is a set of production rules for strings in a formal language. It’s a study of words, the way they sound, and how they are used in a sentence.

In linguistics, grammar (from Greek: ) is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.

The Best Spell Check Tool Ever For 2018 – Grammarly

We, as bloggers, have to be very careful when writing. And for this, we have got multiple spell check tools online to write in a better way.

One of the best tools is Grammarly which I use personally for grammatical errors and sentence restructuring. It would give me suggestions to correct the mistakes and give me a brief explanation of how it’s wrong. So I like it quite well.

I know you have heard of it. And still many of you haven’t. Even I heard about Grammarly last year in 2016 when I started blogging. I never knew of such spell check tool online when I used to write about thesis or projects for my education.

It’s an advanced grammar checker tool that checks almost anything you write on your computer. It offers many advanced features as compared to other traditional spell checkers available.

Let’s head forward and talk about Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

grammarly cofoundersLaunched by Co-founders Alex Shevchuk and Max Lytvyn, Grammarly is headquartered in San Francisco. Their main motive was to help people who write on daily basis to communicate online better.

Their first customers were students and language learners, but now it has become widely accepted into many other domains, especially with bloggers too.

Today, with the AI-powered engine, millions of users online rely on this tool to make their writing mistake-free.


Internet Name Grammarly
Company Name Grammarly Inc
Founded In 2008
Founded By Alex Shevchuk and Max Lytvyn
Phone 888-318-6146
Address 548, Market Street, Suite 35410, San Francisco, CA 94104
Website www.grammarly.com
Email info@grammarly.com
Social Media Presence Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Wikipedia

[/su_table]grammarly logoHow Grammarly Works?

Grammarly offers two types of accounts;

  1. Grammarly Free Account, and
  2. Grammarly Premium Account

To be able to use Grammarly you need to have either type of account. It’s not necessary to have the premium account, but definitely, there are more features as compared to the free account.

Grammarly is a web-based application which runs on any browser as an extension. Also, it works with Microsoft Office Word and Outlook as add-ins and Windows application to check your file grammatical errors.

Grammarly has their own set of applications which are highly fantastic in their functionality.

grammarly apps

Everybody would have their own preference of using Grammarly. But I personally use Google Chrome extension, which works everywhere I am on the internet where I have to write something. To give you a better idea how it works, let me talk about the different ways how Grammarly works in steps so that would be easier for you to understand which method would work better for you.

Web-Based Application

This method would work best when you don’t have access to your own computer or laptop and you need to write a blog post or an article. This was initially introduced as the most common tool by Grammarly.

But let me tell you, this would need an internet connection since it’s a web-based application. And before going further you will need a Grammarly account, doesn’t matter whether it’s free or premium.


Step 1: Simply log in to your Grammarly account now and you will see the notification of adding Grammarly extension to your Chrome browser which is my preferred way. But for now, let’s click on the ‘New’ icon below the notification to create a new document.

Grammarly opens a clean and nice interface to write on with few menu icons on the left.

grammarly text editor

Step 2: Now you have three ways to insert text into the Grammarly text editor. You can start writing the text in the editor, or you can also paste or upload the document and Grammarly will run its engine to scan the text with its suggestions.

Step 3: Grammarly underlines the mistakes in red just like other grammar checking tools, and clicking on them will show you suggestions on the right.

grammarly document errors

In the web-based application, you have the full control of Grammarly AI engine on what kind of errors you want Grammarly to check.

Browser Extension

Step 1: Go to Grammarly account and click on ‘Apps’ menu on the left.

Step 2: Click on ‘Install’ for the browser extension. Since I am using Chrome it shows ‘Grammarly for Chrome’. It might show you differently depending on the browser used to open Grammarly account.

grammarly chrome extension

Step 3: Click on ‘Add Extension’ or ‘Install’.

Step 4: Once installed, you need to login into your browser extension with your Grammarly credentials and it will start working.

Now, this is my preferred way of using Grammarly. Not only it helps me in writing my content but also when I am writing my status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, writing an email on Gmail. This extension will check all grammatical errors wherever you type on the web.

grammarly working on facebook

grammarly working with gmail

If you are a free blogger using Blogspot or WordPress for your blogs, this extension will definitely help you write unmatched content.

The browser extensions are available for Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. (Download from here)

Microsoft Word Add-In

This is another great application developed by Grammarly for content writers if they like using Microsoft Office Word for all their writings. And sometimes it is very helpful for writers as they do not tend to remain connected to the browser.

Note: This only works if you are a premium user of Grammarly. 

So, if you are one of those people who are habitual of using Microsoft® Word, or Microsoft® Outlook programs then this download is a fantastic tool.

grammarly microsoft office add-in download

Step 1: Open your Grammarly account. (Sometimes it shows a notification in your dashboard to download the Grammarly Add-in.)

Step 2: Click on ‘Apps’ section from the left menu.

Step 3: Download the free Office add-in by clicking on the ‘Install’ on Grammarly for Microsoft® Office.

grammarly microsoft word add-in

Enter your Grammarly login credentials after the installation is complete. Then open Microsoft® Word or Outlook to start using Grammarly features.

You will see a new tab on top for Grammarly. Click on it to see more options. Enable the Grammarly Add-in and you are ready to make your content error and plagiarism free. It also gives you the option to choose the style of your writing the same way as you can on the web-based application.

Simple, isn’t it?

But let me tell you this Add-in is not available for Mac users. So this is like a negative point about it.

But, hey! What about for Mac users?

I guess Grammarly developers must be developing this. Let’s wait for future updates.

But I must tell you that there are native apps by Grammarly for Windows & Mac computers.

Native Apps

Grammarly after their web-based application created their native cloud apps to install on Windows and Mac computers.

You can download Grammarly app and install them from here.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””]

grammarly windows app download

[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””]

grammarly for mac download


What I talked about is available for Windows users, so they have their privilege of using Grammarly premium account on their Windows-based computers.

Unfortunately, there is no plugin developed for Mac users as of now. But you can download the native app from Grammarly account and the use cloud application on your Mac which syncs everything online as well.

There are people who use Parallels or Windows on a Mac, there you can download Microsoft® Word Add-in and use it that way.

Plagiarism Checker

grammarly plagiarism tryNow, if you are a blog writer like me or reviewing your content writer’s work and you want to make sure that your content is unique and not copied from anywhere, then this feature will check your entire article for plagiarism.

I usually write articles in WordPress editor. And all the errors and mistakes are highlighted in red and on the bottom right it shows the number of errors found in the article.Clicking on it will pop-up Grammarly editor with all the features just like it shows in the web-based application.

This feature always stays on for me as it helps me stay positive about my content not being copied from anywhere and it is unique amongst the billions of documents online. And this is also the most important reason for why you should be using Grammarly premium account. It gives you a spell checker with text editor and checks for copied content in real time on the internet.

And if you are paying someone to write content for you, once document uploaded on Grammarly, it will find a number of mistakes I am sure. And it will make your process flow easy and smooth for your content writers.

Perhaps, it is useful for teachers who would suspect their students copying content from the internet.

So students, beware!


So here’s the deal! Is Grammarly free?

You can, of course, create a free account on Grammarly, but getting a premium account will help you enhance your content error-free and will make it unique on the internet just because of its real-time scanning plagiarism feature. It will provide a detailed information about why is that word underlined an error.

As per your profession, it can be used for different purposes.

grammarly plans and pricing

Grammarly premium account costs $29.95 per month which might seem a little costlier, but if you pay for a quarterly or annual subscription you can surely get a discount.

For some of you $29, a month would be a very high price. I felt it the same when I started blogging. I had to depend on the free version until I started earning and got myself a premium.

And if you get the annual subscription at once, then you save hell lot of money and Grammarly will cost you only $11.66 a month.

buy gramamrly premium account

If you are a student, a free account would be more than sufficient for you.

If you are a teacher, content writer, or a blogger earning, then I would highly recommend getting a premium account.

My Opinion – Is It Really Worth It?

I wouldn’t say there are no cons with Grammarly but it is a brilliant tool for writers. It comes with all the features a writer needs, along with the analytical tools. It still cannot replace the human proofreading skills, but with technology, you can surely enhance your content for your audience.

It has helped me a lot since I came to know about it in the last year 2016. But I started using it when I started earning little from my blogging projects.

So think twice before getting a free or a premium account.

Please let me know if you know anything else about Grammarly which I missed on. And let me also know your thoughts in the comments below on using Grammarly or any other spell-checker tool for your content writing.

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