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Ten Forum Rules To Get ‘FREE’ Traffic To Your Blog


OK, let’s talk straight about the forums.

Forums are the excellent platforms to get acquainted with other users and drive traffic to your blog.

People visit forums to ask a question or answer other queries. A forum can have numbers of registered users which can provide all their experiences to reply to a specific query.

If you can become one of those users asking or replying other queries, believe me, you can increase traffic to your blog.

This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or blog.

You are not buying a traffic here, rather you may call it as a free traffic generator to give a boost to your blog rankings.

And that’s a free website traffic, folks.


I remember I used to be a part of one forum in my early days before I had started my blogging. I was one of the most active members of that community where people would come and ask their queries. And we would all get their rewards with our uniquely named profiles.

That felt so good; we did not want to leave the forums. Until the owner of the forum could not bear the cost of hosting.

You have to be very very active on the forums.

If that forum would have been active today, I would have put down my signature on my profile and would have drawn those targeted visitors to my blog.

It was my bad luck.

But I didn’t settle there. You should never settle down in your life.

When you start your blogging journey, you have to find alternatives to get traffic to your blog.

That’s when I started looking out for the most visited forums which would be in the same niche as my blog. And it was a boom.

I will talk about the approach further to get visitors to your website or blog. And, if done legitimately not only it drives the traffic; it also builds backlink and your credibility in the market proving yourself as an expert.

The best part of the forum is that it’s 100% free. Increase traffic to your blog now.

So who is looking for 100% free traffic from forums guys?

You can call it as a forum marketing guide or forum marketing tips, but I call it forum marketing rules.

Ten Forum Rules To ‘FREE’ Traffic

1. Forum Niche Matters

I call it as my first rule with online forum marketing. Go with the flow.

If you have a blog on health niche then always go with the same niche forums. Not all forums are worth your time.

forum marketing tips

There are thousands of forums on health niche where you can register with them.

If you are just getting registered for your health niche blog just to get backlinks, then that’s something which we are not talking about here.

List down all the forum sites you have found on the Google, and filter them out one by one to determine which one is most active of them all as per your niche.

2. Rules And Regulations

The second rule, if not followed, you will be banned.

Whenever you sign up with any online forums, you have to read the guidelines carefully. Because if you violate them, then there are chances of getting banned.

So if you forgot to read the guidelines and you have put down your signature, which was not allowed then you will be banned. So try not to ignore the guidelines if you want to generate more website traffic.

forum marketing rules

Rules are rules after all. You cannot bypass them.

3. Usernames Are Your Brandings

Before registering on the forum, you have to fill up a form with your details. The username you are going to put on here cannot be changed later on.

So you have to decide on what username might be perfect for the forum.

You can also use your blog names as usernames to help others identify you. If you are an entrepreneur branding yourself, then better use your real names.

Please don’t use usernames with no meaning at all. That won’t look professional at all unless it’s a forum related to the adult niche.

4. Do Not Sell

Remember this always when you are on forums that you have not registered on the forums to sell something.

Of course, you have to sell yourself if you have to earn money, but with some twists. Help others by providing valuable and useful contributions.

Your replies should not look like a sales pitch.

If you want people to connect with you in a good standing and positive relationship then just help other people. This is the real key to effective forum marketing.

Please do not emphasize on sales. Never.

Maybe this article on CopyBlogger will help you understand psychology why we should not be selling.

5. Signatures

If you are thinking how to direct traffic to your website or blog using the forum, then the signature is the way to it.

If readers are visiting your blog, it’s because of your signature on your profile. This is how you get free traffic from forums, by the way.

It’s the text block at the end of your post where you may mention your keyword rich backlink to your website or blog.

Look at some of the examples of forum signatures:

forum signatures for free traffic

Again remember the rule no. 4 always.

Do NOT sell anything in your signature as well. A brief outline of what your blog is about and a backlink to your blog should be fine.

6. Stay Away From Negatives

Since a forum has many members on its platform, its common to have a heated topic sometimes. It’s better not to be a part of these heated issues and stay away from them.

Always remember that you are there to help someone to build up a relationship.

Refrain from religion or political arguments.

It’s better not to indulge in any debate or if you are already in there then move out quickly. Else it will impact on your blog which is getting traffic from these forums.

So you don’t want to be a part of any of such negative topics.

7. Ambience Sets The Environment

Just like a restaurant’s ambience sets the environment to have a beautiful dinner with your family, same goes for the forums as well.

After registering spend some time checking our forum to check the forum’s environment. Notice who is new and who is professional.

Keep your eyes wide open on how the professionals are talking about, what they are talking about, how they are replying and how they are helping each other.

Study the questions people are asking, and the solutions people are giving.

8. Quality Solutions

Once you are through with the environment of the forum, then start looking out for questions unanswered.

Reply their queries with solutions. Try to give a solution in step by step style which is easy to read.

But remember quality solutions will drive traffic to your website or blog.

People should look out for you when they are looking for quality answers. They should message you personally for any queries, to seek your experiences or recommendations.

In a few days, people will start acknowledging you as an authoritative expert. And that’s what you want in the end.

9. Teach And Learn

You are going to learn a lot from these forums.

forum marketing strategyYou will find a lot of information and facts on these forums to use on your website or blog or to create content-rich products.

You can start new threads according to hot subjects in your niche area. If any fellow member has helped you in some way, then genuinely appreciate and acknowledge them humbly. This process is part of the building relationship in forum marketing that will bring fantastic results at a later stage.

You will be considered as a teacher after you have been through with many topics, queries, solutions.

10. Earn

You could be reached by someone about joint venture which is undoubtedly another site traffic generation method, indirectly.

For those who are outsourcing forum marketing then be cautious about it. This could result in forum spamming which isn’t what you are looking for. It can honestly harm your reputation among the members.

Using these forum marketing strategies you can add more traffic to your blog.

Getting more website traffic has become stressful day by day, but with forums sites, you can increase traffic without Google getting involved.

So, stop Googling, and start registering on forums sites and follow these above-mentioned ten rules to drive traffic to website or blog.

Share your views on your forum marketing strategy and how you used the forums to get traffic to your website!

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