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The First Blog Post Of BloggingXS


Read my first blog post of ‘BloggingXS – because it is all about blogging’, and walk along with me on the path to blogging success. I, too, wanted to start my blog just like other bloggers. And believe me, it doesn’t take too much to start a blog.

I still remember the day when I received this email after registering the domain name, bloggingxs.com. I bought it with a boom in my mind as to conquer every aspect of blogging online.

bloggingxs domain

After shuffling a lot of pages on the internet, this domain was just sitting idle in the internet space, and that too for a year. I thought of starting it around a year ago. But I never got a right time. There was never a perfect moment. Until today, I realized, there is never actually an ideal time to start anything.

So, welcome aboard.

don't sit idle, start a blog

On BloggingXS, which is going to provide solutions for your blogging needs, I will share some tips about what blogging is actually and how it can be used to live the fantasy life you have always been thinking.

Now, living the fantasy life doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job and then start a blog, which is a terrible decision. Many people don’t like working for their boss. And I don’t want it either. I accept it. But that doesn’t mean I have quit my job. There are many other expenses in a family which one has to take care.

So during the journey of BloggingXS, I might ask you to buy something as well, directly or indirectly, which will positively help you in your blogging journey, but my primary goal would be to help you achieve more with your blogging journey.

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Today, on [su_highlight background=”#99deff”]September 17th, 2017[/su_highlight], I am gifting myself a future, a real life, a purpose to help others in their blogging journey along with mine. Today, on my birthday, I gift myself a platform to express my experiences with blogging.

birthday cakeI have set up this blog today on my birthday and this is [su_highlight]the first blog post of BloggingXS[/su_highlight], and I am happy to share it with you as well.

If you have been waiting to start a blog and want to know and get along with my journey of blogging, subscribe to my email newsletter and follow BloggingXS on social media networks.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions on my blog, which will undoubtedly help me connect with you and learn from you as well. The journey of my blogging is incomplete without you. So you are a definite part of it.

I will always try to find some time to answer your queries. I sincerely want to engage in a blogging conversation with you, but please, be patient, as I have a full-time job, other web design projects, and my family to take care of as well, which is all together taking my 24 hours of time.

Want to know more about me?

Sometimes, I call myself as…


mukesh nuna first postCall me an IT geek, web designer, content writer, internet marketer or a blogger; I have touched many domains. This blog is not my first blog although. You may follow me on social media platforms to know more about me.

I have learned a lot from the internet, a lot. Here on BloggingXS, I will be sharing all that I have come to know about blogging world for those who want to change their lives.

I wish I had started this earlier. I don’t want to regret it, but still, somewhere in my heart, it’s there. I am sure I will forget that in future.

But if you don’t find a reason to start a blog, don’t start it. Nothing in the world begins without a cause. Maybe you are not aware of the purpose now. When the time comes, you will start it.

But if you want to push yourself to know that reason, it is now. Do it now. Start a blog now.

It’s easy to buy a domain name, get a hosting space and start writing content. But what about the persistence? That’s not easy, but it looks.

I think you should head over to this post by Vic Johnson, a motivational speaker, and author to check your persistence level. You will come to know what you should do.

I am not here to discourage you, instead show you a clear path to blogging.

I know some of you will disagree with me sometimes, and I want you to share those disagreements with me. All of us are learning in some way.

I humbly, thank you for your valuable time to visit, read and comment on my blogging journey. I am excited to have you here and hope I would be of some help to you.

Bookmark this blog in your browser, email it your friend and get me a nice feedback, please.

And, now, wait for my next update.

Good day!

Once again, welcome to BloggingXS – because it is all about blogging.

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